Architectural Metal Roofs


Architectural Metals – Roofing For Your Residence

Through the use of quality products and matched components, Gold Seal Roofing, LLC installs the most cost effective, durable and long-lasting roofs possible.

Architectural Metal Roofing Explained



Metal Roof InstallWhile more expensive than shingles, metal roofing can add distinction, character, and charm to any home, including your home. They also last longer than shingle roofs and are easier to maintain.

Architectural Metals – Roofing Installation

  • Residential panels are generally 24″ or 36″ wide, and secured by an exposed fastening system that is properly engineered to withstand rain and high winds. The panels come is several patterns, and can be ordered in a wide variety of colors.

During the installation process architectural metals can be:

  • Fastened to purlins (horizontal beams along the length of a roof resting on a main rafter)
  • Fastened to a clean roof deck
  • Installed over an existing shingle roof for added thermal protection and noise attenuation



Metal Roof Example
Gold Seal Metal Roof Example
Broad Metal Roof Example
Pitch Metal Roof Example
Small Metal Roof Example
Large Metal Roof Example

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