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Concrete Roofing & the PremiumCoat System

The PremiumCoat System can waterproof NEW or EXISTING concrete roof surfaces.

PremiumCoat over New Construction - Concrete

Problems with Existing Concrete

Moisture retention makes a concrete roof prone to hairline cracks.
Usually caused by moisture corroding rebar; breaking of the concrete.
Biological Grown
Concrete roofs are pourus and absorb moisture, which supports fungal growth.

Why is the PremiumCoat System a good solution for Concrete Roofs?

Concrete is porous and retains moisture. Moisture within the concrete leads to cracking - it can also corrode rebar and cause structural damage.

PremiumCoat can extend that roof's life cycle by protecting it from the #1 threat: the sun. A seamless roof coating system is a cost effective solution to the roof tear off / re-roofing cycle.

PremiumCoat is a reinforced acrylic roofing SYSTEM. As an acrylic, it remains permanently flexible. Since PremiumCoat is fluid-applied, it is directly attached to the roof: every nook and cranny. No need for flashing accessories - PremiumCoat fully encapsulates all roof details, making them part of the seamless roof system.

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