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Metal Roof Restoration using the PremiumCoat System

Common Problems

Rusting or metal substrates can cause the surface areas to corrode.
Flashing Details
Leaking can occur with skylights, fasteners and other penetrations.
Seams have a tendency to expand over time leaving gaps between laps.

How can the PremiumCoat System help a Commercial or Historic Metal roofs?

Metal roofs expand and contract as the substrate heats and cools. Since metal roofs are made of firm sheets fastened together, these weather conditions cause the screws to be loosened away from the metal and the seams and laps to pull away from each other.

Moisture can cause rust and corrosion to build up on any metal surface. Rainfall, snow and ponding water are known to cause these damages and also allow tiny pin holes to form on the substrate. These pin holes are so small, people are often shocked at the damage they can cause to their roof.

Really cold temperatures can cause inadequate insulated metal to chill, causing moisture to collect on the building. Once this moisture is collected and starts to frost or freeze on the underside of the roofing panels, water pentration occurs on the inside of the building. Unfortunately, this moisture problem does not only occur in the cold weather, but as well as the warm weather. However, when it occurs in the warmer weather, rust will also them form inside the building.

PremiumCoat is a reinforced acrylic roofing SYSTEM. As an acrylic, it remains permanently flexible. Since PremiumCoat is fluid-applied, it is directly attached to the roof: every nook and cranny. No need for flashing accesories - PremiumCoat fully encapsulates all roof details, making them part of the seamless roof system.

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