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Premium Coat System over Recovery Boards

When do I use Recovery Boards/Rigid Insulation?

A recovery board (also referred to as "rigid insulation") is often used when the existing roof substrate is severely "alligatored" (see asphaltic roof substrate page) or when the roof lacks positive drainage.

Recovery boards are also used when a tar & gravel roof is present. After removing the loose gravel, recovery boards are installed to create a smooth surface to which the PremiumCoat System can be applied.

PremiumCoat is a reinforced acrylic roofing SYSTEM. As an acrylic, it remains permanently flexible. Since PremiumCoat is fluid-applied, it is directly attached to the roof: every nook and cranny. No need for flashing accessories - PremiumCoat fully encapsulates all roof details, making them part of the seamless roof system.

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