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Tampa Roof Replacement

The need for a roof replacement can be caused in several ways.

You may have experienced storm damage or time may have denigrated your roof.

Both of these situations may warrant a roof replacement.

Do you replace my entire roof or just the shingles?
Depending on the damage to your roof, you may need roof replacement.

Does getting a roof replacement mean a better warranty?
If you purchased a seasoned home, you may have inherited a home with a damaged roof due to weather or a poor installation.

When replacing a roof with GAF shingles, you know you are getting a lifetime warranty.

See our warranty options for further details. Click Here

Most Roof Replacements Include:

The Sub Roof – Wood applied to the joists of your roof to shield you from the elements. This is only needed when wood is rotted or displaced.

Roof Membrane – A protective layer of self-adhering protection. No Torch required for installation.

Roof Deck Protection – We use Deck-Armor™ Premium Breathable Roof Deck Protection. It combines high tear resistance and nail pull-through with a special slip-resistant surface for exceptional walk ability — even on steeper pitches!

Attic Ventilation - Effective attic ventilation is critical for a long-lasting roof! Attic ventilation removes heat and helps limit the growth of harmful mold.

Starter Strip Shingles - Pre-cut starter strip shingles will speed installation time while helping to prevent shingle blow-offs because of their factory-applied adhesive strips.

Quality GAF Roofing Shingles – America’s #1 Selling Roofing Shingle backed by an industry leading roof replacement warranty.

Ridge Caps - The Perfect Finishing Touch for Your New Roof Should Be A Protective and Distinctive Ridge Cap Shingle

Accessory Paint – Paint matching your shingle theme to create a more cohesive look to your roof replacement.

For a more detailed look at this system - Click Here

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